Fresh vegetables represent a form of goods in both domestic and international markets, subject to continuous negotiation between a producer-seller and a wholesale buyer to distribute them effectively to the end consumer. The current buying and selling processes of fresh vegetables in Greece rely almost exclusively on “face-to-face” communication or at least the use of telephone and email to convey information regarding availability, quality, price, and other relevant details. The prevailing practices result in a highly fragmented market, leading to both a waste of non-productive time in the negotiation and ordering process and inefficient procurement that does not optimize the price/quality relationship.

The objective of this project is to develop an integrated traceability process and adapt relevant digital tools with a focus on meeting the requirements of high-quality markets for fresh vegetables on a global scale. These markets share common points of reference summarized as follows:

  • Significant quantities of quality products
  • Quality certifications (GLOBALG.A.P., IFS, BRC)
  • Food safety – Traceability (compliance with European legislation and consumer requirements)
  • Standardization (sizes, packaging, labels)
  • Adherence to standards (UNECE, GS1, PLUs)
  • Proper implementation of logistics (timings, transportation conditions, continuous updates)