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The Institute for Bio-Economy and Agri-Technology (iBO), is one of the five Institutes of the Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (CERTH), a legal entity governed by private law with non-profit status, supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments.

iBO focuses on the scientific field of agri-technology and the broader scientific area of bio-systems engineering under the integration of multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary specializations and research units. At the same time, iBO's research priorities include rational environmental management and sustainability assessment of bio-production activities, and the optimisation of human interactions within these activities, all in the direction of adopting the principles of the circular economy.


Our Philosophy

iBO's philosophy lays on a multiple-disciplinary approach toward the development and advancement of technologies dedicated to the bio-production systems domain, including crop production, livestock, and fisheries, under the external framework of economic development, welfare, and environmental impact alleviation, while in parallel it generates new technological paradigms shift for other domains.

Domains of Expertise

Agro Intelligence

Energy - Sustainability

Ergonomics - Biomechanics

The Institute at a glance

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The institute has significant research contribution both in National and European projects.

Over the course of the years, it has participated in a vast variety of projects related to its main pillars, agri-technology and the broader scientific area of bio-systems engineering, building in such way strong relationships with valuable partners and gaining great reviews from the scientific community .

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