In various domains (workplace, home, public spaces) where humans and robots have to work together, wearable devices provide information that can support context recognition and context awareness regarding human subjects (Cifuentes et al., 2014). This awareness can be used for action planning of robots and coordination between robots and humans (Cheein et al., 2015). One of the potential domains for such application is agricultural intensive production systems where operational links in the production and supply chain are seen as emerging areas of human-robots synergetic approaches. The project objective is to develop a knowledge-based human-robot synergistic system for high-value crops (HVCs) handling operations including out-door harvesting and in-door storage in order to achieve an overall improved efficiency in HVCs logistics. Research will be performed along two axes with the aim: i. To improve human-machine synergy by introducing augmentation technologies to support machine’s situation awareness including workers’ activities, and ii. To increase system efficiency by optimising information-based operations planning.