STARGATE’s contribution beyond state-of-the-art in applied climatic data solutions is the implementation of analytics models to support local and regional policy formulation and implementation related to mitigation on microclimate changes. Currently, policy making organizations predominantly utilize their own data, typically limited to their own jurisdiction/administrative area. However, once the policy development process expands beyond the traditional approach, there need for global data will emerge. The addition of national, European and even global reference data sets for comparative analysis including meteorological data, climatic analysis, and satellite data sources are needed to improve decision making processes. The studies at landscape scale are required to understand the ecological processes.

The focus will be on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA). The benefits of applying agri-environment-climate technical solutions will be extensively studied to achieve sustainable agricultural development at landscape level. This can be achieved by supporting farm management modernization and at the same time getting to know the underlying ecological factors that shape the farming landscape. STARGATE will leverage access to these data while its climatic platform will foster easy and affordable adoption by policy making bodies. This simple approach is effective in the visualization of data and can support decision making in policy development.   Unlike algorithmic simulation and modeling, visualization leaves the actual decision and assessment to a human user and thus provides an extra quality assurance before actual policy decisions are made. STARGATE provides innovative components for visualization of big data with a particular emphasis on geospatial visualization and advanced, dynamic charting.