PrecisionFEEDProtect — iBO

PrecisionFEEDProtect project aims to develop new control strategies for insect infestations of stored feed using innovative technologies at Viozokat company. During the implementation of the project, phosphine sensors will be utilized, having a direct impact on the timing of phosphine applications, leading to the reduction of insect resistance in the long run. Similarly, the application of precision fumigation will result in a limited number of phosphine applications, as repeated applications will be avoided due to application failures. Also, the implementation of this project is expected to lead to production of fully disinfested feed, resulting to the reduction of quantitative and qualitative degradation of feed due to entomological infestations. The immediate result will be the upgrading of the hygiene level of the feed and assurance of their quality as well as the improvement of farmed animals’ health (e.g., health problems related to the quality of the feed will be reduced). Additionally, consumer perspective on eco-friendly products is of growing interest, motivating firms to use alternative, “green” disinfestation methods. This survey aims to identify and analyze consumers’ awareness and perceptions on this topic, focusing on the use of alternative post-harvest disinfestation methods. For this survey a questionnaire was developed and answered on a national level in Greece of a sample of 1,000 interviewees. At the same time, the willingness to buy agricultural foods being treated with alternative disinfestation methods mentioned above was assessed. Based on the above, it is clear that the expected results of the project will effectively contribute to the further improvement of the competitiveness of the VIOZOKAT company, through the most effective reduction of entomological problems and the wider perception of the needs of its consumers.