The NAIADES project envisions the transformation of urban water management through automated and smarter water resource management and environmental monitoring, achieving a high level of water services for both residential and commercial consumers, exploiting the efficient use of physical and digital components of water ecosystem. NAIADES relies and builds upon various types of big data collected from different water monitoring and control systems in Europe, in order to:

(i) Establish more efficient water consumption in both retail and commercial environments.

(ii) Generate increased confidence of water consumers.

(iii) Measure the water quality in residential buildings, offices and public infrastructures (mall, hospital).

(iv) Assure the safety and reliability through the detection of warning signs in near real time and other monitoring systems.

(v) Enhance public awareness on water consumption and usage savings, and promote user engagement in water conservation activities through personalized persuasive feedback and recommendation services provided to the NAIADES App Users.

NAIADES aims to provide multidimensional intelligence on the water ecosystem through the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies:

  • Situational Intelligence by collecting real-time data from the buildings as they are in operation and analysing them in Spatial, Temporal and Nodal dimensions.
  • Operational intelligence by using the power of data and its capability to extract the right information at the right time to provide insight into water infrastructure operation and improve the effectiveness of maintenance activities.
  • Asset intelligence by building digital twins that represent physical systems using the continuous data streams produced from various sub-systems in buildings will help OEMs.