Med Food TTHubs — iBO

Med Food TTHubs project focuses on Mediterranean food products as key points in the reform of tracing and authenticity procedures of traditional Mediterranean foods, adding value to high quality food products by supporting the implementation of full-path tracing practices through the whole distribution channel from seed to shelf. The solution that Med Food TTHubs brings is geared to achieve:

  • Safer and more sustainable Mediterranean food products for people around the world,
  • Full transparency concerning the traceability and authenticity of these products towards the creation of an end-to-end trust-chain in the food sector.

Therefore, the aim of the Med Food TTHubs is i) the establishment and ii) the pilot operation of seven Trace & Trust Hubs, which will form a permanent transnational network playing the role of a one-stop-shop for traceability and authenticity for ‘added value’ Mediterranean food products in each of the countries involved.

For that purpose, Med Food TTHubs will develop and support the operation of a “Voluntary Scheme of Traceability (VST) of MED foods”, which will be a common protocol for the network of these Hubs, acting as a point of reference for the products of the different involved areas. This protocol will include detailed guidelines, audit procedures and KPIs in relation to practices and processes towards traceable, authenticated and of high nutritional quality products.