The transition to a sustainable bio-economy needs professionals with multidisciplinary, managerial, and cross sectoral expertise and requires higher education and vocational training that integrates dedicated curricula. RELIEF aims to support this by developing and delivering an innovative approach for teaching bio-economy in farming, by developing specific learning resources addressing Higher Education Institutes (HEI) students and farming practitioners with the goal of training and educating a new generation to possess the skills (including technical, economic and regulatory knowledge) which are required by the current and future European sustainable bioeconomy, and to rethink & improve the current Vocational Education & Training (VET) model. HEIs, VETs, farmer consultants, research institutes, and social partners from Italy, Greece, Sweden, Cyprus and Portugal will participate and deliver a high-quality network within the EU to advance bio-economy in the farming agenda.
More specifically, RELIEF will deliver a training needs analysis and develop two curricula on the bio-economy, for HE students, farming practitioners and farmers exploring the key areas that are critical for the implementation of business models and strategies towards bio-economy in farming. Based on this knowledge, RELIEF will design and pilot learning units which will incorporate a mix of training methodologies. An e-learning platform will offer these learning resources in 5 languages for self-training and networking to support the long-term sustainability of farming enterprises. RELIEF will also stimulate significant changes in the university curricula, course content, and VET training by integrating a learnercentred approach based on problem-based, active and transformational learning.