The LEAP project aims at promoting in engineering higher education emerging learning design linked to industry practices with the objective of preparing students to effectively transition into the professional world. The project further aims at closing the new digital divide by promoting the development of high quality digital content for higher education linked to both academic and industry needs. Specifically, the project promotes lean and agile learning design. Lean practices will encourage students to design solutions that meet needs while minimizing the deployment of resources. Agile practices will expose students to industry cycles in which design is integrated throughout production processes, as opposed to only in the early stages of production, ensuring that the final product effectively addresses consumer needs.LEAP will pursue these objectives through the design and development of serious games that encourage learners to adopt industry roles, to think critically for addressing community and societal needs through agile engineering solutions, to practice on the application of industrial process management in the context of their higher education curricula, and to take into account environmental responsibility issues in service design and implementation. Recognizing the importance of supporting educators on integrating the proposed innovative learning methods and tools into their teaching practices LEAP will further develop good practice guidelines and instructor support content. The outcomes will be validated in real-life contexts in classrooms in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, and Norway.