Challenged by climate change, and coupled with the need to secure sustainable economic growth and social cohesion, Europe must achieve a genuine energy revolution to reverse present-day unsustainable trends and live up to the ambitious policy expectations. A rational, consistent and far-sighted approach to heating and cooling is key for ensuring such transformation. Toward this direction, district heating and cooling systems need to be more efficient, intelligent and cheaper. InDeal project will offer an innovative platform that will impose a fairly distribution of heating and cooling among the network’s buildings by: i. real – time energy consumption data gathering via artificial intelligent meters ii. identifying and evaluating the network’s buildings’ need and demand for heating and cooling depending to their energy efficiency, energy consumption and type of building, iii. predicting the short-term and long-term weather conditions and forthcoming need for heating and cooling, iv. monitoring and control the level of energy stored in network’s storage stations and substations v. 24/7 monitoring of the DHC system by a central control platform and vi. minimizing heat losses via novel pipe design solutions and innovative insulation materials. The target of InDeal is to turn the current DHCS into a new next-level automated DHCS that will guarantee the increase of the overall energy efficiency of the system accomplishing a fairly distribution of heating and cooling energy demands. In light of this, InDeal will make a significant step forward contributing to wider use of intelligent district heating and cooling systems and integration of renewables, waste and storage.