The project addresses the development of digital skills among young learners with the objective of enhancing their future employment opportunities in innovation-related sectors that are expected by policy makers to drive economic growth. Digital skills are considered among the basic and transversal competencies that are necessary in wide economic sectors and as such must be developed among individuals with diverse professional and career aspirations, independently of area. The project further promotes the strategic deployment of ICT in education as a learning tool. It promotes the development of ICT applications for learning and the integration of digital tools as complementary educational content within wider, blended learning and teaching processes. The project promotes high quality in education by linking learning practices to emerging state-of-the-art game-based technology and related active learning pedagogical frameworks. The integration of proposed technology and pedagogies offer broad learning benefits to both students and teachers by enhancing motivation, promoting long-term engagement with the learning process, providing timely and constructive feedback, and promoting critical and entrepreneurial thinking mind sets.