Danube and Ionian regions experience high youth unemployment rate. At the same time, there is gap in funding at national and EU level specifically for youth entrepreneurship projects. Youth funds focus on education, apprenticeship, civil rights activities, active citizenship and exchange. There are young people with innovative ideas that can be scaled into successful business through suitable support to tackle youth unemployment, create quality jobs and boost innovation.


1. Overall objective is to enhance youth entrepreneurship and to showcase the path to successful funding for youth business projects. The specific objectives are to explore start-ups acceleration programmes in the different countries that are suitable for youth, to develop self-training and mentoring tool and to raise youth entrepreneurs preparedness to use accelerators as a funding source.

2. The project will pilot a tool that will be available for use by all countries in the macroregions that will support young people (aged 16-25) in preparing for pitching to start-up acceleration programmes. It will pilot a small voucher scheme in the 3 partner countries to support innovative youth business ideas demos in order to attract funding.


The DSPF is co-financed with funds provided to the European Commission by the European Parliament and the City of Vienna