DigiAgriFood — iBO

The Agri-Food sector is vital for regional GDP and for maintaining employment in Central and Northern Greece. However, it is severely lacking in digital maturity and capacity, competitiveness and access to disruptive technologies. #DigiAgriFood EDIH aims to empower the digital and green transformation of the entire spectrum of the Agri-Food value chain with immediate benefits for citizens, SMEs and public sector. It specializes in Artificial Intelligence technologies, Advanced Digital Skills, High Performance Computing and Digital Transformation and Interoperability and contributes directly to the missions and objectives of the “Digital Europe 2021-2027” program. It will help bring human-centred AIsolutions and unleash the powers of digital technologies to reach Europe’s common climate and environmental goals as set out in the European Green Deal, including being climate neutral by 2050, as well as strengthen the resilience of Europe’s industry and increase its open strategic autonomy. In total, five one-stop-shops and ten antennas/spots are planned to be fully operational covering the whole EDIH’s geographical area to ensure direct interaction with the target groups. #DigiAgriFood EDIH’s key objective is to exploit its complementary expertise at specific stages in the project cycle to achieve full synergy effect between partners. Consortium members apart from senior experts in their field and professors of the highest rank will also contribute with significant scientific infrastructure. The complementarity of the partners’ skills guarantees the balanced distribution of the workload and the establishment of strong cooperation. The management approach guarantees transparency and commitment to all partners and facilitates the successful execution of the project. #DigiAgriFood EDIH will strengthen and maximize the existing innovation ecosystem in all five Regions (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly) and has already explored collaborations with other EDIHs across the EU to create effective Corridors.