CPigFeed — iBO

CPigFeed aims to develop all the necessary tools and methodologies to overcome barriers (technical, economic and social) that prevent the use of food by-products in the pig feed mixture, and thus to promote the principles of the Circular Economy in the production of animal feed.

The project brings together scientists and researchers with broad scientific expertise in order to make the incorporation of food by-products into the pig feed safe, economically feasible and environmentally sustainable. For this purpose, the CPigFeed project develops intelligent information tools and traceability applications, and demonstrate them on a decentralized supply chain of food by-products that is set up in a typical Greek pig farm. Thus, food by-products are incorporated in the pig feed mixture, after setting-up a protocol for their safe incorporation, and after assessing the impact of the new feed mixture on the health and welfare of pigs, as well as the yield and quality of the final product (pork).