The aim of the Cave3 project is the exploitation of state-of-the-art digital technologies, virtual reality and 3D printing for developing innovative mechanisms to tour the Petralona Cave and Museum and provide an interactive experience to the visitors (including those with special needs). Current 3D technologies (3D scanning and printing, virtual reality, open labs) can transform a visit to the cave and museum into a truly entertaining experience and a means of education. The pilot operation of the demonstrative installation is considered valuable not only for the wider public (students, adults) but also for scientists, given that the information available will be “graded” in such a way that it can be accessed depending on the degree of detail one wants and can examine. The summarise, the following activities are planned to take place within Cave3:

  • 3D scanning and filming of the Cave’s route, but also areas off-route with the use of terrestrial scanners and drone-type devices,
  • Construction of a 3D printed model of the cave,
  • Organization of a digital museum,
  • Documentation and display of the oldest human skull ever found in Greek territory, Development of a virtual conservation lab,
  • Development of graded serious games applications aiming to maximize the interactive experience of the visitors.