CareWaste — iBO

CareWaste aims to reduce the amount of municipal solid waste being disposed on landfills. In line with the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC and the principles of a circular based economy, CareWaste focusing toward maximizing material and energy recovery from waste and thus, minimize the need for disposal of residues to landfills. The project argues that a market-oriented waste prevention and management plan in a Greek municipality will dissociate economic growth from the environmental impact, will maximize societal consensus and will move towards a zero- waste economy.

To that end, CareWaste project develops a web-based information system for monitoring and promoting circular economy strategies in order to reduce landfill to less than 30% according to the revised National Waste Management Plan. More specifically, leveraging the wealth of existing data, and multi-criteria-decision-analysis methodologies, CareWaste aims to:

  • investigate available waste management practices;
  • select and present best alternative scenarios in relation to the existing and proposed waste management facilities;
  • develop an information system that enables monitoring waste management indicators, as well as compliance with European directives and National regulatory frameworks.

Ultimately, CareWaste’s vision is to minimize the future residues disposal to landfills within the principles of a circular based economy and establish adequate tools for the enhancing of controls/inspections and enforcement mechanisms in order to ensure compliance with the legislative framework.