AuthenBeef — iBO

AuthenBeef project focuses on the development of an e-platform for the recording of the authenticity and the documentation of origin for beef bred in Greece, specifically in Imathia, Central Macedonia. The traceability and authenticity systems throughout the supply chain of beef are based on blockchain technology. Stakeholders will input and export data in the e-platform for all the stages of the supply chain of beef. The data will provide information such as animal information, breeding procedures, meat authenticity and producer information, which will leverage the potential for successful management, promotion, and marketing of the products. Through this process:

  • Meat products will gain added value and the sustainability of livestock farming will be improved,
  • Consumers will be able to trust meat products that are “secured” by this system,
  • Regulatory bodies can better monitor the market and prohibit false claims.

Therefore, the aim of the AuthenBeef project is to develop a platform based on blockchain technology upon which information about all the stages of the supply chain of beef can be exchanged. The products will be monitored throughout the supply chain and their authenticity and origin documented. This authenticity and traceability system will be disseminated to interested stakeholders. Through this system, beef will be more sought after and will provide added value for the livestock farmers and stakeholders across the supply chain, the project will promote the superiority of locally produced meat and the sustainable growth of livestock farming in the Macedonia land.

AuthenBeef will develop a pilot project to test the viability of the suggested platform. The pilot will engage interested parties that operate in the supply chain of beef, gather feedback, and implement improvements. The pilot will serve as proof of concept for the project.