Tree cultivation is a perennial crop, therefore the changes that will be
decided to be made to the orchard after its installation are very difficult
and above all economically unprofitable. For this reason, the farmer should
be very careful during the orchard installation process. Errors and
omissions may continue to exist throughout the years of the productive
life of the trees, with the consequence, on the one hand of the reduced
quality and quantity of production, and on the other hand, the increase of
production costs due to the additional costs. Today the establishment of a
new tree is done by measurements in the field mainly by the grower
himself in an empirical way. However, this carries the risk of reduced
accuracy or incorrect arrangement of the trees. It is known that in order to
determine the planting arrangement, characteristics related to the crop,
soil fertility and topographical parameters should be taken into account.
The proposed action aims to implement a system of precise planning of a
new orchard. The system provides the optimal spatial planning of the
orchard ensuring an excellent agronomic result, optimal placement of
pollinators, accurate digital recording of the orchard for subsequent
cultivation operations and optimization of land use. Thanks to automation
and digitization, the chances of failures occurring during installation are
minimal since different work execution scenarios can be controlled. The
system is fed by information collected by an aerial surveillance instrument
and fed into the optimal positioning software by taking agronomic,
geomorphological, soil and climatic criteria