AgroFossilFree — iBO

AgroFossilFree will create a framework under which, critical stakeholders will cooperate to evaluate and promote the currently available Fossil-Energy-Free Technologies and Strategies (FEFTS) in EU agriculture. There is full alignment with the High Level EU Strategies (i.e. EU Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategy) as it aims to decrease the use of fossil energy in any farming process from cradle-to-farm gate, while maintaining yield and quality of the end-product. The project will contribute in closing the gap between the available FEFTS and the everyday EU agricultural practices by promoting effective exchange of novel ideas and information between research, industry, extension and the farming community. Adoption of available FEFTS from EU farmers can be also enhanced significantly by offering training material to all the professionals involved in te process and by providing possible financing opportunities for de-fossilizing EU agriculture.

To achieve its targets, AgroFossilFree will:

  • assess and evaluate the current energy use status in EU agriculture
  • consider existing needs and interests for the future farm energy profile by identifying factors influencing adoption in view of regional specificities
  • identify and register available and directly applicable FEFTS from applied research results to market solutions and explore existing financing tools for de-fossilising activities
  • collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in thematic groups using interactive physical and online methodologies to produce community-based ideas for FEFTS integration in agricultural systems in a regional and EU-basis
  • create an online tool (AgEnergy Platform) with all available FEFTS to be assessed by stakeholders and provide a Decision Support Toolkit to propose interventions and financing tools
  • produce policy guidelines on EU, regional and national basis and communicate them to increase visibility and promote the proposed FEFTS in real agricultural activity in the near future