AgroSYS — iBO

The aim of AgroSYS project is the design, development and commercialization of an integrated autonomous system of precision viticulture based on the autonomous navigation of a UAV and UGV fleet that will be charged by solar charging stations within the vineyard and incorporate technologies for monitoring (a) vigor and volume of the vines vegetation for fertilization programming, (b) water stress of the vines for irrigation programming, and (c) vineyard production for selective harvesting on the basis of maturation level. The specific objectives of the project will be:

  • Development of a combined monitoring system for vineyards with sensors mounted on UAV and UGV to assist decision making on agricultural practices (irrigation, fertilization, selective harvesting).
  • Development of a safe navigation system for UAV and UGV movement in a vineyard with the incorporation of appropriate sensors and algorithms for identification and avoidance of obstacles. Construction of small-scale solar stations for charging UAV and UGV to be installed in vineyards.
  • Construction and programming of robotic arms to connect UAV and UGV to the charging source.
  • Development of an integrated and optimally managed autonomous UAV and UGV fleet system.
  • Pilot vineyard testing to optimize the system for at least one growing season.
  • Investigation of the environmental and economic impacts of such a system on a vine growing enterprise and analysis of the results for commercial exploitation of the system.

The project will be implemented with the cooperation of 5 institutions, namely 1) Institute of Bio-Economy and Agro-Technology, Center for Research and Technology Hellas (IBO-CERTH) – Coordinator, 2) Agricultural University of Athens (Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering & Laboratory of Ampelology) (AUA), (3) GIZELIS ROBOTICS ABEE (GROB) and 4) ENERGY TRADING A.E. (ENTRADE). The duration of the project is 30 months and will be implemented in 6 distinct Work Packages.