Unmanned robotic vehicles, unmanned aircraft, modern agricultural production and environment digital monitoring platforms and production decision and management systems based on artificial intelligence, are some of the innovative new technologies being presented by the Institute of Bio-Economy and Agri-Technology (iBO) of the National Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (CERTH) at the 12th ‘Agrothessaly’ Pan-Hellenic Fair for Agriculture and Livestock

Rising to the challenges of our modern digital age, iBO/CERTH is at the very centre of innovation in the agricultural sector. Its main goal is to increase production while reducing cost and using sustainable cultivation methods.

To that end, visitors to the iBO/CERTH areas (Sector 11, Pavilion1) will have the opportunity, on the one hand, to attend demonstrations of the Institute’s modern technological equipment, and, on the other, to be informed by its scientific and research staff regarding the benefits of incorporating new robotics and digital management technologies in agricultural production.