The international scientific conferences CIOSTA - CIGR V and EFITA in Rhodes

The Institute of Bio-Economics and Agro-Technology (IBO) of the National Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (CERTH), in the context of the continuous exchange of knowledge and the promotion of innovation in agri-food and bio-systems, supports the organization of the international scientific conferences: (i) CIOSTA – CIGR V and (ii) EFITA to be held on 24-29 June, 2019 in Rhodes.

These scientific conferences, with global appeal, are among the most important conferences in the primary production sector presenting the latest developments in the field.

More specifically, CIOSTA – CIGR V (24-26 June 2019), with presence since 1950 and participants from 40 countries, is part of the International Commission of Agricultural and Bio Systems Engineering established in 1930 (CIGR). The conference, organized in collaboration with Aarhus University, focus on research and innovation for the management of Agriculture and Forestry production and provision systems under the theme: Sustainable Decisions in Bio-economy.

The EFITA conference (27-29 June 2019), with presence from 1997 and participants from 25 countries, is dedicated to the state-of-the-art and future use of ICT in the agri-food sector and bio-resources sectors under the theme: Digitizing Agriculture. It is supported by the European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA) with the collaboration of the World Congress on Computers in Agriculture (WCCA).

The conferences are a pole of attraction for the international scientific community and for many entrepreneurs and business group representatives, promoting the most innovative and advanced research in the industry.

More information about the conferences can be found at the following links: (i) CIOSTA – CIGR V (24-26 June 2019) and (ii) EFITA (27-29 June 2019)