NANOFUM aims to develop highly-evolved, smart gas sensors and cloud-based tools, to address specific safety challenges in sanitation and protection of stored commodities such as grains. Using innovations ripe for exploitation, combined with cutting-edge hardware and software implements, the partners will develop and roll out complete solutions for real-time monitoring and optimisation of fumigation (pest management) for stored cereals, related amylaceous products and other high value durable commodities. NANOFUM objectives comprise: a) Refinement of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) highly efficient gas
sensors and custom design for phosphine (PH3), a versatile gas for stored product protection, b) Adoption of data analytics for achieving sensor precision and mitigating the accuracy limitations of sensing elements (cross-sensitivity, non-linearity), c) Providing access to sensor data through mobile-friendly cloud apps, which shall be designed specifically for professionals in the Food & Beverage, Food Safety and Pest Management sectors, d) Developing an end-to-end, holistic solution using best in class Internet of Things building blocks and service deployment paradigms.